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Jamie Chupka

Jamie Chupka embraces life. She goes through each day looking for new things to learn while helping others to heal.

In the nine years of her sobriety, Jamie has earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Community and Human Services from Empire State College and triumphed as a single mom. She found her calling as a Substance Abuse Counselor and intends to work toward her CASAC (Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor) while concurrently earning a Master’s Degree.

Jamie feels love and passion for her work, especially when counseling her clients in a group setting. It brings her tremendous happiness to see people transcend their addiction and disease. She resides in the Capital Region of New York, raising her beautiful, spirited daughter and learning about self-worth, self-love and forgiveness.

“Bless your hearts for having the courage to tell your story, bringing hope to those who are addicted and to those who love them.
The depth of your love, courage, hope and spiritual principles is humbling and heart warming. I cried, and even laughed.
Words are poor things to describe the power we see in the three of you. Jamie, you are a miracle."

Excerpts from a Letter Received
: Lori and George