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It Went Without Saying

Joyce: "On the day Jamie was born, I promised her I would protect her from the evils of the world."

John: "I never dreamed it could happen again. I thought it had already occurred and I was free of it - like having the measels and not having to worry about getting them again because you have already had them. That is why I was so surprised when it took over our lives. When it did, I did not want to know."

Jamie: "I was born in love. I was brought up with love. I was surrounded by love. My parents, my parents' friends - everyone loved me. I was loved enough for three people...but from the inside looking out, there was always something wrong."

We wrote It Went Without Saying to expose the power of denial. Join us as we shine the light on shame and blame, and learn to embrace the truth that sets us free. What went without saying has finally been said.

“This book is about more than addiction and recovery. It is also about the redemption and forgiveness that can lead to a reclaiming of self,
of family, from a monster that has hurt so many.”

Stephen M. R. Covey
, author of the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal best seller The Speed of Trust