The Forgiveness Center. Troy, NYThe etymology of the word amend in Latin is emendare. Emendare means to free from fault or to correct. Many of us carry the burden of guilt or shame for mistakes we have made in the past. This burden prohibits the possibility of our feeling loved because we have judged ourselves unworthy of it. This sense of unworthiness can contribute to a life of quiet despair. Despair can lead to resentment.

We are more likely to acknowledge our mistakes if we know we will not be condemned for them. In some cases we are condemning ourselves; in other cases we feel condemned by other people. The result of condemnation is a loss of love and a sense of isolation. This loss is what most people fear most. Rather than face the loss of love, respect, or approval we might deny our actions and refuse to assume responsibility. This can only lead to further actions that will need amending.

Making amends frees us from the judgment that fault implies. Freedom from judgment enables us to assume responsibility for our actions. When we accept responsibility, we can correct our thinking and change our behavior.

Why not try a little bit of emendare medicine. It can only make you happy.

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