The Healing Side of Grief

Addiction often brings us experiences of different kinds of loss. The loss of friends, family, partners, children, financial security, future hopes and dreams, or our own self worth can have a devastating effect on all the lives the addiction has touched. James Van Praagh, in his insightful book entitled Healing Grief, states that when life is disrupted by loss, we can either proceed or withhold…

If we push our feelings of loss and sorrow deeper inside, we truly do permit hopelessness and helplessness to seep into our being.  If we connect with what we are feeling and learn from it, then we have a chance of moving beyond the pain.  We have to go through the grieving process and discover for ourselves the opportunities that await us beyond our suffering.

Van Praagh writes, “The spirit world has instilled one profound teaching in me, and that is, we are here to accept ourselves and the world around us with love and compassion.  If we could learn this one thing, we would be more content.  We would feel better about ourselves and enjoy what we do have.  We would understand that change is inevitable, and we would feel good enough to handle whatever comes our way.  We could throw away our bottles of Prozac or alcohol or whatever it is that numbs us.  We would realize that come what may, we know the experience has purpose, and its purpose is for our spiritual growth.  As I said in Reaching to Heaven, we come here so that our souls may evolve.  That is the only journey that is worthwhile.”

I think these are wise words that could help us all in the grieving process.

Be Well,
John Chupka

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