Saying Yes to Grace

When I allow myself to be still, grace has an opportunity to touch into my life.  It offers the possibility to experience myself and others in a new light.  It has its greatest impact when I say yes to its invitation to remain with me.   As with any relationship grace needs to be cultivated.  I need, in some way, to respond to its presence.
I find music to be a powerful way to express my feelings about events in my life.  The following words are additional lyrics I wrote to the hymn Amazing Grace. It is my way of relating to the grace that is ever present in my life. I share it in this blog with the hope that the lyrics convey to you what grace has done for me.  In that musical interchange miracles can happen.  Here are the lyrics and I hope you sing them.

Be well,
John Chupka

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That brought me home to thee
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see.

I lift my soul to you in me
I bless all life I see
I woke today to life within
And vow to rest in thee.

Memories have no hold on me
They are but all a dream
A dream made real by tears and fear
But nonetheless a dream.

As I become the light I am
I enter in the dream
And lift all sorrow, fear and rage
To the comforter within.

Caring, healing, transforming
The memories that were bound
Frees me to be the light I am
Forever in the now.

Touching, sensing, cre-ating
A new life from within
A vision leading me back home
And be all that I am.

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